• hiking carrier *ok*
  • iPod *ok*
  • personal netbook *ok*
  • DSLR semi professional camera *ok*
  • polaroid camera
  • gramaphone *ok*
  • lightsabre
  • motorbike of 500 cc or above


  • head of department kajian strategis *ok*
  • finish the research in third year! *ok*
  • exchange rotation of research abroad *ok*
  • medical internship in outer island of indonesia
  • specialist majoring orthophaedic
  • patented a thing


  • binnenland Indonesia, checklists: banjarmasin, macassar, jogjakarta, surabaja, banda atjeh, belitong, ternate, raja ampat, miangas, larantuka
  • buitenland: amsterdam, istanbul, manchester, berne, barcelona, praha, budapeszt, belgrade, tehran, gaza, atlanta, moskwa, stockholm, 

to do before i die

  • write a book about anything
  • make an extended play/mini album *ok*
  • have a form of investment
  • concert: radiohead, oasis, blur, coldplay, sigur ros
  • bungee jumping, parachutes 
  • 200 km/h

One Response to “wishlist”

  1. :D Says:

    Blur will be coming to town doc!. Btw, are you still looking these lists?

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